• Staring into the eyes of the lifeless soul staring back at her the tears begin to shed. Staring deeply she wonders what she did wrong and how she can make it right. Her soul shattered and feeling so lonely being shunned by the world.

    Scared and unwanted she stares harder into the reflections soul.

    Shes no different then anybody else, but yet she is shunned by everyone. Being forgotten not hearing a sound for days, to weeks.
    The tears begin to form puddles around the girls feet. Crying harder staring even deeper trying to figure out what is turning everyone and everything away.

    She tried to be really nice to everyone, even being told she was to nice. That couldn't be what it was, but why the silence? She never said anything mean or rude to anyone, no matter how the other person was treating her. So why is she being forgotten and shoved aside like she doesn't even exist.
    Could it be that she doesn't exist? Has she been lost in a parallel world where the space she was is empty. Was she really an empty space like the way she felt, or just a doormat for people to use when they so please.

    The girl turns away from the reflection, she can't bare to look anymore. Her thoughts began to eat her alive, the tears, they wouldn't stop,
    she begins to struggle, being drowned in her depression and sorrow.

    The pain of being lost and forgotten, tossed aside like some broken toy that's no longer fun. It hurts her so bad, she huddles in a corner crying and alone.

    As time passes no one seems to realize the pain she is truly in. Is it because they don't care, or does she cover it up well. Her soul slowly fades away, leaving her like an empty shell, no responses, emotion or any care in the world, her pain has finally melted away.