• My feet are standing on the ground.
    My head is in clouds.
    My arms cover my eyes that hold tears.
    My heart is racing and my lungs feel heavy,
    But I’m still standing.
    I am shaking about what I heard,
    My stomach sunk into a dark pit,
    The words came out slowly,
    It was like an echo in my head,
    But I’m still standing.

    I move forward and didn’t look back,
    I cried every night and wanted to fall into obis,
    I cut myself to the point of passing out from blood lost,
    But somehow I’m still here.
    Without a purpose,
    Without a reason,
    All my attempts of running away failed.
    Somehow I am still standing.

    I am standing on the ground,
    Where I looked down,
    All those memories won’t go away.
    They are now painful to even think about.
    Why am I here?
    I feel like I’m living by a thread,
    But somehow I’m being held down by chains.
    I will pretend to hold your hand.
    I will pretend to not let go.
    I will pretend that you’re here.
    I can’t see how I’m still standing.

    My head is in the clouds,
    Still isn’t worth living,
    Days turn into weeks,
    Weeks blend into months.
    I can’t remember time of day or day of month.
    I wish I wasn’t standing.