• Life's An Adventure, What Have You Discovered?

    In the desert, the beauty of it all

    While dangers will start to call

    My life is a desert

    Drama, gossip is the deathly sun, it'll hurt

    Your loved ones are your savior as of shade

    Sooner or later that shade will fade

    I've had loved ones who meant so dear

    Pain of losing, my eyes start to tear

    Vultures screech thus bullies say their speech

    To try and shoo you'll beseech

    Jerboas crawl along the sandy floor

    As those picked on are shaken to the core

    Hot sand in your shoes is your sin

    When does your lusting happiness begin

    Cacti can be as beautiful as your heart

    Painful like glass, can make everything fall apart

    Million deaths below your feet

    Those who suffer yet to retreat

    To be weak you have to battle for life

    Those who give up carry on the strife

    Parching water is lack to speak

    Cotton mouth is consuming at the peak

    You want to say what is on your mind

    But those words start to bind

    The life of the desert easily begins

    Hardest part of it all is wondering when it ends

    My life is a desert yet to be uncovered

    Life's an adventure, what have you discovered?