• No hope for tomorrow, no time she could borrow, tears rolled down her cheeks, engulfed in her own sorrow. She feels like she's trapped inside of her own soul, depression and darkness were the only two things she's ever known.

    She had no family, she had no place to call home, she longed to walk along the riverbed, she planned to find a place where she belonged. She traveled ever so endlessly, her soul would carry her to far away lands, away she went, ever so flawlessly.

    She slowly began to lose herself, the her that she had once known, she was getting closer to finding a place she could call her own. No one knew her, nor did they care to know, that this bright spirit had soarn to the molevalently unknown.

    She'd been to hell and back, and she never understood why.... why had they left her? Why had they abandoned her.... leaving her wondering why? She never found the awnser to the wonder that was inside, for after the next week passed, she broke free, and went to the sky.

    Up, up, and away! her soul shouted, she had finally become free, she finally would feel alive. Life is full of wonder, and life is full of hurt and lies, but in the end, you'll never ever understand why.