• Believe me when I"m lying,
    doubt me when it's true.
    You never got it right,
    and now it's hurting you.

    See black and white in rainbows,
    see orange in dead black eyes.
    Forgive the unforgivable
    by disguising it with lies.

    Have faith in broken promises
    you wanted to be made.
    Find the truth in all the fairy tales
    that got you through the day.

    If delusion's your reality,
    what's reality to you?
    How can you tell the difference
    if it's all the same to you?

    Close your eyes and tell me
    if anything has changed
    since the moment they were open.
    DId it all just stay the same?

    When does gray begin
    to rip white and black apart?
    Maybe your eyes were shut
    from the very start.

    Would you have ever thought
    that maybe you're
    just kidding yourself
    in the world you never bought?