• It's only a couple weeks
    Until I go back to school.
    You might be wondering
    If I'm ready or not.
    Well, here is your answer.

    You should know that last
    Year was my best yet.
    I met the best teachers
    I could ever know.
    I have one of those teachers twice
    This time around. But wait-
    I can only handle so much
    Of awesomeness in one day!
    I'm ready to see my friends again;
    And hopefully the sun will be there, too.

    I've got the best geometry tutor
    That could help me pass.
    She's so nice and really understands me!
    And my piano teacher isn't half bad, either.

    And you should know that
    Despite what you see,
    Despite what you hear,
    And despite what you think,
    I love my school
    And I would never leave if I had the chance.

    This is the proper way to
    Educate a student.
    Things will go in one ear
    And out the other if
    You do not make us want to learn.
    And, dang, do I want to learn!

    So, now if you would only quit
    Asking me if I'm ready.
    That's probably the only part
    I'm dreading!