• I laid a simple purple iris by her bedside,
    I knew it was just an iris,
    Nothing more,
    Nothing less,
    just something sweet for my dear mistress.
    But i needed something to show her as i left her side
    (as should any to show one's love)
    she knew not i was leaving--
    but she needed to know not of where i go.
    For I would surely return to my dear mistress.

    I gave her an iris dyed red, for i had no rose to give her
    Such a used flower, for her, I would always bring something no one else commonly used.
    It was shrewd
    True, i will not be two confident in that
    For my mistress is a special one.
    She gave me a chaste kiss to show what i was to her
    So I stayed hers for that night.
    That night as she slept, i had to leave her side once more.
    I left her red iris by her bedside

    I gave her a blue iris to symbolize her eyes
    Oh how they shined in the light
    Such sparkle and glamor, it was surely a sight.
    It makes me wonder if she stole a diamond to have for her eyes.
    She tucked the iris behind my ear
    Whispering softly, "you're such a dear~"
    I spent that evening with her,
    Holding her hand with mine, speaking softly," i'll always be your dear..."

    On her wedding day, i gave her a pair of iris'
    Both black and white.
    The black to mourn
    The white to celebrate.
    I tucked the black and white iris' in her hair,
    Speaking ever so softly," you look lovely mistress Iris~"
    She held onto me and asked me not to go
    I kissed her forehead and pulled her back, saying "i have to my dear...your groom waits for you say ' i do' "
    She left that day me that day
    To be carried away
    By the man she was betrothed to
    But she was still with me
    She was still my dear Iris.