• The death of hope always end the life of mischief and sanity
    Fears that always overcame this death
    With lives were those always full of the inner hope
    Of things always getting better, always will end
    Yet they never realized the true power of life
    How it was always the master of mischief
    And despair as it took away the beings sanity

    The burning acids of its spit burning their sanity
    Bringing amongst the most tragic death
    The demons always laughed from the mischief
    The ending of all this hope
    Conquering the life
    As these creatures reign of terror will never end

    Until the world of the beings come to an end
    Causing mass chaos and end of all sanity
    And the end of all life
    Comes to the beginning of death
    The cries of hope
    Covered by the sounds of mischief

    Laughter and torture was the mischief
    It never seems to end the death
    From the beings that soon became an end
    And the only glimmer of sanity
    Seemed to have no vision of hope

    As it seemed that hope
    Itself seemed to have no life
    Seemed to have no sanity
    All there was left was mischief
    That seems will never end
    As the cries of children come from the beings deaths

    The life of hope ends sanity, only left with death and mischief.