• Watching things hang by a thread
    That you know you should've let go of so long ago
    And things have long died but, you keep holding onto it anyway
    You know theres no hope, no more time, no more anything
    But, you cant help but want there to be
    Alittle chance of Hope some more Time and more everything
    You dont want to let go because of the memories hanging
    On that little thread, that little red string..
    You hold onto it until the very end hoping that when you get there
    When you both get there
    That maybe there will be Hope.
    That there is more Time
    That it will be Everything
    "Dont leave, dont let go, just alittle longer"
    As it rambles on in your mind
    "Everything will be alright, just keep holding on"
    And tears fall and the warmth left from another still lingers
    "There is still time.."
    You watch that thing, hanging by a thread
    "You're still here, i'm not giving up yet.. i cant give up yet"
    Swaying back and forth like the chimes in a clock
    You know there is nothing left, not hope, not time, not anything
    But, you hold onto it with everything you've got
    I wonder why..?