• In the night where the devil hunts his prey
    People dive down to the heights of their shame
    As I wait for the calling, The visions of my fate
    I can see the forthcoming of the sinners and the saints

    The lives lost, And the wars that were won
    The mothers grieving with their daughters and sons
    Even after all this suffering and misery
    The masses are ever still blind to cause of these tragedies

    The remnants of lust, greed, envy, and pride
    The people whose promises turn into lies
    Those men who bear their arms with hellish hate
    The souls who suffer the poorman's fate

    Is it not a sin that caused all these atrocities?
    And soon the very hand of God shall cleanse all these impurities
    But after all the greed and the vanity
    All that is left, Is a world of sins and of tragedies