• Lifeline

    Drowning in a sea of raw emotion.
    Waves crashing over my head.
    Thunder sounds.
    Frantically swimming, I try to reach the receding surface.
    My lungs are filling up with water,
    My limbs are on fire,
    A fire that has the chilling touch of ice.
    It’s too late, I’ll never make it now.
    I’m sinking.
    But wait!
    A hand clutches mine.
    Fingers so small, so fragile,
    They hardly seem capable of such strength.
    I’m rising.
    Rising out of this ocean,
    This vast blue wasteland.
    I open my eyes to you.
    Your smile. Your carefree laughter.
    Those small fingers wrapped around mine.
    In a grip so breakable, yet so strong.
    I am no longer drowning
    I’m floating.