• Time and time and time again
    I’ve lit the flame
    And watched it all burn down
    Knowing nobody feels the same.
    I move on, away from that place
    Only to find another like it.
    Once again, I light the flame
    And watch it burn to ash, bit by bit.
    The flames eat tirelessly
    At the places I used to know
    Just like they burn my heart
    Down to a dim, flickering glow.
    I’ve watched them burn so many times
    The fires of my fate.
    Soon, so soon, I know that
    I will be the meal the flame ate.
    So, take no heed of these words
    Scrawled on blank white paper.
    For the life of the author who wrote them
    Will soon be consumed by her fire.
    Nothing can save me.
    Nobody try.
    For now I know that
    It’s my turn to die.