• Sinless goodbye

    The complexity of the mind, irrational, confused.
    Spinning round and round, we are blinded by pain and corruption.
    How can we learn if we do not pay attention .
    Stay calm.
    Let your emotions glide away and disappear for just a moment and see what we have long forgotten.
    Watch them make their mistakes, letting their emotions take over.
    Killing, destroying.
    what purpose did it really serve to kill out of anger now?
    How do you plan to fix it, rite, you didn't think about that did you...no you didn't.
    I laugh at your corruption, you inability to think things through.
    Making a mess like a child unable to think for themselves.
    Planning, thinking.
    The importance of this seems to be to complex for you.
    And so I sit here. I sit here and laugh at you all, watching as you destroy each other.
    Your pain, your sadness, your revenge as your only guide.