• I remember your constant pokes for attention
    and your silly jokes for my smiles.
    You are right next to me again.
    Your baritone voice would turn to bass
    but always remained mellow.
    Your unforgettable height stood next to me
    and my petite body looked up to you.
    How your arms flailed over my head
    fixing my tangled mess.
    Your laugh inspired rebellion
    when we drove off to ecstasy.
    Freedom and pleasure was where we went.
    The taste of soft cherry lips,
    your midnight hair intertwined in my fingers,
    the scent of leather,
    our utopia.
    We were alone in the dark
    isolated from the outside by our body vapors.
    Time was boundless.
    The charcoal sky illuminated to golden citrus
    and symphonies of our lust blew away.
    Today the winds still blow
    faintly following the horizon
    until one day,
    they will fade completely.