• I have to try.
    I'm doing it for you.
    It was my dwelling place.
    I was safe there.
    I was untouchable.
    Nothing could hurt me.
    Nothing could make me feel less.
    Except you.
    You were in this dwelling place.
    If you weren't I'd have felt worse.
    I wouldn't have left home though.
    Home is the safe place I created there.
    My friends were my family.
    My status was my voice.
    I could tell my family anything.
    Nothing they could say could hurt me.
    Not even their harshest words.
    If they tried I'd fire back with passion.
    I didn't care.
    Who were they to judge me?
    No I changed my mind.
    Then there was you.
    You unlocked all of my passions.
    I hurt you so much.
    I couldn't do it anymore.
    So I left home.
    Even though I could be me there.