• A reason to smile everyday
    With springs in the steps
    And a happy that'll stay
    Life riddled in mentats
    And pretty kitty cats

    A thousand girls in wedding veils
    Dancing around to the chime of
    An equal number of wedding bells
    A thousand boys dressed in white
    Stepping closer to the dance as
    Their hearts swell to the sight

    Gorgeous mental images flittering
    In the eyelids of the optimistic few
    C'est la vie, in brightest technicolor

    A depiction of worldly innocence
    The dawn of another golden age
    A thousand characters in play
    Across the vast world stage

    The stage's iron turns to rust
    The inevitable fall from grace
    The air is rithe with the decay
    Individuals blur into one face

    Black and white photos hanging
    In the dens of the many pessimistic
    C'est la vie, in dullest grayscale

    A thousand women in mourning veils
    Standing around to the chime of
    An equal number of grieving bells
    A thousand men dressed in black
    Straying away from the crowd as
    Their hearts are taken aback

    A reason to frown everyday
    With droops in the shoulders
    And tears polluting the bay
    The change from mentats
    To provigil and propanolol.