• The Wasteland

    Hearing the sorry cries of people being devoured
    Wishing I wasn't in this sorry world of sorrow and sadness.
    The human race is struggling for survival
    People are stealing, killing, scavenging just like barbarians.

    Raiders had tortured people and killed the innocent
    Mutated Things had emerged from darkness and now
    runs the whole wasteland.

    The earth had cracked and only a few life is seen.
    Trees had stop bearing fruits and leaves had fallen,
    Animals had turned into savaging beast and cold blooded killers.
    The earth had kneel down to it's knees and now ready
    to perish, people on it won't even give a thing for the things
    that they have done.

    This is the wasteland and we are the few survivors
    and dying on it is just a part of an every day life...