• You won't even look at me
    I feel left behind, so lonely
    I don't even know where to start
    Sweetheart, we grew apart

    You don't even notice my tears
    I scream for help, but nobody hears
    It feels like I'm not even there
    I'm invisible, nothing but air

    I'm too scared to turn back my head
    And remember all the things you said
    It's like we forgot about each other
    And we never really bothered

    You used to brighten my day
    Now I only want to run away
    As dark clouds fill the sky
    We never really said goodbye

    Seasons don't change for me
    Summer started in this city
    But it still feels like winter
    And everyday it's getting colder

    Everytime you look at me
    your eyes are empty
    I'm suffocating
    And slowly dying

    If the world was about to end
    And we had no more time to spend
    Would you tell me you loved me?
    Would you open up and let me see?

    If I would die
    You wouldn't even cry
    You would forget about me
    But I'll forgive you, sweety.