• The wind is cold and soothing,
    the graveyard sad and moving.
    The smell of death,
    so sweet.
    On a gravestone,
    my own thrown,
    I await my death.
    I hear whispers,
    heres my final breath.I
    open my eyes,
    as my bodie dies.
    I see an angel of death above,
    my last forgotten love.
    She returns to my arms,
    I start to bleed.I
    see her lips and they read:
    The time has come for you to go,
    I'm sorry my feelings would never show.
    She grabs my hand,
    and were in a distant land.A
    kiss on the cheek,
    my blood slowly leaks.Theres a knife in my chest forever,
    I'll now rest,
    my angel has put me to sleep,
    and my heart is hers to keep