• I don't see your smile anymore,
    but I see it clear as water in my dreams.
    We can only keep holding hands there and then only.

    The tear sheds our wishes.
    The loneliness seperates us,
    like at sea.

    Chasing after your smile,
    forever and ever.
    I never seem to catch up.

    I fall on my knees helplessly,
    not being able to catch up.
    If I can only see you in my dreams,

    I'd die sleeping,
    I sleep forever.
    Just to keep your smile.

    Painted across the canvas.
    Four corners of a wall,
    crowding us in.

    I can't breathe.
    Save me from suffocation.
    It'll soon crush us,

    and I know our life will end sooner or later.
    I try to catch the stars and make a wish,
    to shake away your tears and mine.

    I don't want to see you far away again,
    it's the truth that I never wanted to hear.
    I can't bear you to leave my sight,

    catching after your smile here and there,
    but I can't catch up.
    You're always ahead.

    You always were,
    and always will be.
    Even in my dreams.

    If I were to die tonight you ask?
    I would die in your arms,
    as you hum me a lullaby of goodbyes.

    I'll close my eyes,
    listen slowly and carefully,
    and fall into a eternal sleep.