• Live in the present
    Or drown in the past
    If you look into the future
    Your die is cast

    Think not on what was
    Or what is to come
    The present is now
    Live to the beat of your own drum

    If you look from where you are
    Ahead or behind
    Your sure to fall in defeat
    Defeated by your own mind

    Each step you take
    Is the road to life
    Let the past go
    Or get killed by past strife

    You can not change who've you been
    You can not know who you'll be
    But you control who you are
    I know its hard, believe me

    If you live in the past
    Youll find your future shoruded
    The present is the only thing you control
    The only thing truly unclouded

    The past is no longer with us
    Why try to control things no longer there?
    Its impossible to change
    And the future unclear

    Take what you can
    And stop looking for more
    If you overstep yourself
    Your sure to choose the wrong door

    My friends and my loved ones
    Heed me well
    Live for the present
    Let the past go and the future, do not try to fortell

    if you cross a boundary
    You should not know exists
    Your fears and your angers
    They will forever persist

    Look at the world around you
    Try and see the clear truth
    Live for the present
    The past and future are moot