• I saw a girl in the street today
    Her grace and beauty took my breath away.

    She had dazzling eyes of bottle green
    The most beautiful eyes i had ever seen.

    Her hair was the colour of autumn leaves
    It shimmered in the light as it danced in the breeze.

    Her porcelain face and tinted pink cheeks
    were enough to make any man's knees weak.

    She caught my eye and then flashed me a smile
    I have to admit i was dazed for a while.

    She stepped into a car and it drove away
    Still, i saw her again that very next day.

    Though not in the flesh, Oh no not at all.
    I picked up a paper and my heart sank when i saw...

    Upon the front page, typed up in bold
    Were words which made my blood run cold.

    Another girl murdered, found dead in the park
    Though twas the image below that broke my heart...

    Though the colours were faded, I could still see
    A pair of green eyes staring up at me...

    Set into a porcelain face framed by auburn hair
    Life is so cruel, injust and unfair.

    I read the rest of article with a pain in my chest
    Apparently the killer's still out there, after escaping arrest...