• Summer Dreams.

    I wanna walk down the street in my bare feet,
    I wanna feel the sun hit me in all the right places
    I wanna find myself looking at different faces.
    I wanna loose my focus on things and just stare at you,

    And I heard you feel the same way and I heard you think of me too
    And I spend a lot of time waiting just waiting on you
    To finish doing the fun things that you do.

    And I bet you have a ball just living
    And I bet it’s pleasing being in your shoes
    And I wanna walk down the street knowing it’s just us two.

    But I look at where I am and it’s a living hell
    And I look at the world spinning as I’m cooped up in a shell

    So many things I wish that could be
    And one of them is having you with me.

    They won’t let me out cause they’re afraid.
    Afraid of me being something they cannot tame
    I wonder if they knew how bad it hurts inside
    I wonder if they could realize that all I do is cry

    Could it have been that you got to me
    And now you’re the only person I can see
    You’re always there when I need someone to listen
    I open up to you , and you reel me in like you’re fishin`

    You can see whats truly inside of me
    You can see things that they cannot see
    And I want us to walk down the street in our bare feet.