• I looked to the sky, And I cried harder than I ever had before.
    Dark thoughts tore through my mind like knives cutting through flesh.
    I felt helpless and dead, As I lay on my bed.
    I felt cold, And frightened, As my head lightened.
    I closed my eyes, And I felt something beside me.
    A little girl, Lied at my side.
    I rested my head in agony, And I felt tension build up inside.
    I felt anger, And heart wrenching pain, Stabbing me from the inside out.
    I cried out, Hoping someone would hear me and help.
    No one came, People heard, But no one even cared enough to look and see what was going on.
    I was alone, Always on my own.
    I felt abandoned, And I felt lost.
    I felt forgotten, And felt double crossed.
    I lied in my bed, And covered my head.
    I rested my eyes and cried.
    I felt a loss of blood, But I couldn't have cared less at the time.
    I felt like I was being punished for a crime.
    I screamed at the top of my lungs, But still I felt as though I was being hung.
    Nobody stood at my side, And still I cried.
    I wished the tears would stop, But they fell like rain drops.
    Before long, I realized I was never strong.
    I cried, And cried, All night long.
    I uncover my head, Only to look at the starry night sky.
    And still, I bow my head to cry.
    I promised myself I would not die.
    So I'll try to be strong, And I'll try to hang on, If only for a little while longer.
    I'll walk this darkness, Alone and unarmed, Just as It's always been...
    Just me.