• Waiting

    Sit on a bench in the autumn time and watch the falling leaves
    tap your fingers on the damp wood; you're waiting, waiting still
    The winter wind cuts through your fall coat like a traitor's knife
    you sigh your deep sigh and watch it pass you by, while you're waiting
    yes, you're waiting
    oh, you're waiting, waiting still
    The spring breeze carries a wet rot candied cloy--
    the ground is damp from the cold bitter rain
    ...and you're raining, too...
    warm and brackish; all you can think is,
    why am I still waiting?
    But you don't dare move, because you hope,
    The grass is dry and brittle
    and your throat would like some water, maybe just a little...
    a bead of sweat rolls down your neck
    as you whittle on that old deck
    and you're waiting, waiting still
    you haven't stopped waiting.
    Your back presses into the mattress, like it used to
    and someone's holding you, your hand
    you don't know who
    but it isn't the person for whom you waited
    ...for so long...
    you never stopped waiting, but he never came to you.
    Love, I'm waiting, too. I'm waiting,
    still waiting for you.

    Remember when we said,
    I'll wait for you?
    Well, I guess we never really got it worked out,
    who was supposed to be waiting for whom
    and we just sat out there, the both of us
    in the cold, cold bitter rain, as life passed us by.
    Ha ha, yeah...
    ...I guess it doesn't matter much anymore.
    Well, it's autumn here again, and the leaves, they fall around your grave
    I'll come by next year,
    and I'll drop a flower here, like I always do
    I'll always wonder, you know, how it could've been...
    but I never stopped waiting for you.