• I'm trying to smile but
    I want to keep my eyes shut
    Every time I see myself
    Every time I look at myself

    Why can't I be perfect?
    Why am I all wrecked?
    I put the blame on this mirror
    But I only feel uglier

    I'm not beautiful
    I just want to be normal
    I'm not pretty
    Don't look at me

    I am talking
    But no one is listening
    I'll always be alone
    I'm all alone

    Don't lie to me
    Because I know I'm ugly
    Nobody Likes me
    Because I am not pretty

    I want you to love me
    I want to be pretty
    Like everyone else
    But I can't even look at myself

    I think I'm ugly
    And I don't want you to see me
    Don't come near me
    I don't want to be here

    I want to hide from the world
    Because I hate this world
    I want to run away
    I want to escape, today