• This really could be
    The start of something beautiful

    This is the story
    Of boy meets girl

    This is supposed to be
    The beginning of 'you and me'

    But then she came along
    And now everything's gone wrong

    I thought she was my closest friend
    But now she's just the bitter end

    It hasn't even been that long
    And she's already braggin' bout

    Their Love
    Their Sex
    Their Song

    She says she's still my friend
    But I say get outta my head

    I thought this would be
    The start of something more

    But this is the story
    Of boy meets whore

    It hasn't even been that long
    But they're already talkin' bout

    Their Hate
    Their Fights
    They're Wrong

    And now she's done
    She's leaving you

    You've both had your fun
    And now you're through

    I thought you had
    Something called dignity

    Cos now you're sad
    And you're crawling right back to me

    But you've thought for long
    And all you can say is that

    You were wrong
    I was right
    We belong
    But not tonight


    You and I can't right this wrong
    This thing called love has just taken too long

    And I'm not gonna let you make me cry
    Cos even though we've hardly said hello

    I'm sure as hell saying goodbye