• Everyday is a living Hell

    Everyday I lose less hope

    I wait for a letter

    I wait for a call

    But I never get one

    I wish I knew you as well as mom did

    I wish she didn't talk about you like that

    "He was a terrible man who hurt you"

    You think I didn't know that?

    I wish you never did those things

    Then I could be daddy's girl

    And whenever I got home from school I'd wait for you to come home from work

    I'd wait for your comforting arms around me

    But I guess I can't get everything I want

    I just wish that I didn't feel so lonely

    Why would you do this?

    Do you know what pain I go through?

    Do you know what I'd do to talk to you?

    I guess you do not care

    If you did you wouldn't do these things

    You wouldn't make me so miserable

    Everyday I think of you

    I think of how much I'd like to hear you say, "I love you"

    Words that I doubt will come out your mouth

    No one will replace you

    Tears fall down my train tracks of a face

    Whenever I think of you

    To all of you

    Who have amazing dads out there

    Who love you

    Care for you

    Ask about your day

    Know how lucky you are

    I miss you..