• You're gone now,
    Body buried in the ground,
    Skin cold and clammy like the rolling mist.
    I don't know how long I've stood here,
    Time and space mean nothing while I guard your grave silently.
    You were someone I cherished,
    The wonderful person that I loved...

    I wish more than anything else,
    That there was a way to rewind our lives,
    So we both could go back to the good parts...

    The kiss,

    The caress,

    The breath,

    The sigh,

    The touch,

    The softly burning love that I never wanted to blow out.

    You touched every inch of my soul,
    Engraving your spirit into my body and mind.
    There was nothing about you I didn't know...

    ...Except that it wouldn't last...

    There's this bittersweet,
    Almost metallic taste in my mouth
    As I watch your cold tombstone.
    You are gone,
    Yet I remain behind,
    Picking up the pieces of myself you shattered asunder
    By your untimely demise.
    I don't know how much longer I can go on.
    I loved you so much that my heart hurt.
    I could see myself growing old with you,
    Watching the days pass us by in silent reverie.

    But now...

    You are nothing more then a scene in my memories.

    I keep watching that last moment with you,
    Your beautiful smile,
    That shining hair,
    Your gloriously handsome eyes that could only see me.

    I can't believe you're gone now.
    What am I to do without you?
    This hallow feeling seems to never end,
    Yet I know I have to keep going.
    Even if I don't want to...

    There's one thing I can smile about though.
    Even though I constantly look back on our last scene,
    I have the ability to still look towards the future.
    Though yours and mine destiny wasn't to be,
    My fate now lies in the hands of tiny being we created.
    He has my personality,
    But he looks like you.

    Our son is beautiful

    And he reminds me of our short lived life together...