• I wanted to see her Suffer
    I wanted to laugh when she cried

    I could picture my satusfaction
    When she dripped blood from her eye's

    It's creepy and more crazy but I wanted it so bad
    I could see me grinning ear to ear as she screamed out for help

    My heart was full of darkness so my mind was full of evil
    My blood rushed none stop from thinking about how I would cause her pain

    I wanted I wanted I wanted just to peel off her face
    Rip her ears off her head and stick them in some place

    All this stuff I wanted came to a shocking stop
    When she walked up to me and said I'm sorry you are all I got

    I'm sorry for treating you bad and getting you beat up
    All I really wanted was to have some of your good luck

    You where always liked by everyone and pure in the heart
    I wanted to corrupt and turn around your life

    To be honest with you sister I could never shine so bright
    I'm sorry for being jealous I use to think you where wrong

    But now I see it was me who were wrong alone

    I wanted to start crying because she got her wish
    I was no longer likable I had turn into a bitter B**CH

    Instead I bowed my head and held out my arms
    Told her I foregive because what are sisters for