• A shadow, a figure, an image of some sort.
    A face, a voice, something found only in lore.
    Do I recognize this familiar thing?
    Is it really there, or am I babbling?

    A touch, a feel, a smell I seem to remember.
    Hands, so soft, incredibly tender.
    Is this just a dream?
    Does it remember me?

    It starts to come back, so meaningfully.
    I try not to forget, so forcefully.
    I think I know, I think I may.
    The shadow is coming my way.

    It speaks, it talks, with a voice so deep.
    I think this thing really knows me.
    It carries with it love, compassion so true.
    It says to me, "I Love You".

    I awake, looking up, seeing the dream.
    I now realize a distant memory.
    This is the boy, whom I love.
    How could I forget, his fragile touch?