• What is a lie but a truth all dressed up,
    Never knew you'd be one,
    Walking around like nothing is changed,
    i never knew you'd be one

    Words used to described actions,
    never knew you'd do that,
    As the sun gently caresses my body you do my heart,
    never knew you'd do that

    Just like the baby spreads it wings to fly,
    i never knew you'd leave,
    As my eyes fill up and i begin to cry,
    i never knew i'd do that

    The coldness seeps in and the sun sets,
    How beautiful you make it seem,
    Waltzing through time like you're on a cloud,
    too bad clouds aren't forever

    As the rain falls down drop by glorious drop you die away,
    Why does my heart hurt?
    the sun vanishes, as do all sweet memories,
    Where you real?

    Something so perfect, you'll never last,
    Am i crazy...or did i experience love?
    no...just ecstacy.