• You called the other day
    Told me that you were doing well
    But I haven’t seen you in months
    So how am I to know
    If you’re telling the truth or not

    I talk to you all the time
    You’re my favorite person
    In the whole entire world
    How could I possibly
    Be upset with you?

    How long will I have to wait
    Until I can see your pretty face again?
    I hope it’s not that long
    Because I don’t think
    That I can wait much longer

    My patience is wearing thin
    I’ve never really been able
    To wait that long anyway
    Don’t you think that ten months
    Is a long enough wait?

    I know that you miss me
    I am your little girl after all
    But I won’t be little for long
    And by then I may have missed my chance
    Because you have another little girl too...