• if the world
    came to you, and asked you a certain question
    Could you answer it, without a smile
    Everything to you..is just play.

    Your heart, doesn't mean anything to you,
    the only thing you listen to, is your mind.
    Thats what you get,
    Your broken hearted, and i could careless about you.

    If the world
    Came to you, and told you that everything died
    Could even care, to come and see
    If what you loved the most, Is still alive

    Your living with no regert, your heart doesn't even matter
    If you could you take the emotions away, from the body that you call your own
    Thats what you get,
    Your broken hearted self, with anything I could care less about you.

    - 1 minute -

    Your living with no regret you taking everything you had for granted,
    even me, even you.
    If you could take everything, away you know you would.
    Would even care, if the person you left..her heart was broke
    Thats what you get,
    when your mind has taken over.