• Art, what's its definition?

    Is art limited to what is a visual representation of a mental image or emotion? An event...? A feeling?

    Is art so basic that it is simply the physical manifestation of times of hardship, prosperity, love, hate, war, or peace?

    I couldn't, will not, and don't believe that something as gorgeous as the thought of art to be so mundane that it follows the patterns and rhythms of common understanding.

    To create is what man has been known for.

    To create with style is talent.

    To create with meaning is purpose.

    To create with goals is dedication and persistence.

    To create with all of these, and more, is art.

    There's no limit to who art can be made by, there's no defined output as art can be as complex as the Great Pyramids in Egypt to the scribbles of Pablo Picasso.

    So when I see words.

    I see pictures.

    I see films.

    I see faces.

    I see death.

    I see hate and love, and...

    I see worlds.

    So art, my art, will be painted on a canvas in black Type 12 font, usually Times New Roman.