• An angel full of purity and peace
    Never wish harm on a heart beating beautifully
    With eyes of the sea and the will as strong as fire
    Dragging through the days in hopes of meeting her desires

    She was bent and broken from time to time
    But kept her faith held high just like her chin
    Never expected her life to change so suddenly
    The sun died out, yet has never been so lively

    The day began when the angel met her match
    He was pale-skinned, a face carved from marble
    Long black hair falling on his face, his brown eyes seemed evil
    It didn't take her long to realize he was indeed the devil

    She fought to avoid his glances to her eyes
    Shuddered every time his voice rang around the room
    A hand on her shoulder turned her skin cold and white
    The nightmares he sent her into screaming fits at night

    He made his efforts to force her to fall
    But she refused to let go of the innocence she lived
    Until the day he had cornered her, he kissed her
    She felt the light leave her body, her life began to differ

    Got caught in the midst of his tragedy
    She began to suffocate from the love soaring from his body
    She wanted to fight it, but she had no control
    Not realizing she'd soon be a lost soul

    Years went by, that angel started to fall
    She became someone she started to fear
    The devil had stolen her heart, corrupted her mind
    The numbing had started to build overtime

    She was falling for this man, of beauty and grace
    Darkness was lurking in his eyes
    But she was one for taking chances
    Blinded by love as the pain enhances

    She became head over heels, trapped in his arms
    Yet she didn't want to fight anymore
    Until one day he vanished, left her in the dirt
    She was wasn't so used to all of this hurt

    She cried out in pain, lashed out in disbelief
    Her wings began to grow smaller by the day
    Her halo had disappeared into the sky
    When she didn't return to Heaven, God wondered why

    She plowed through days, filling herself with hate
    Face turned to stone and her eyes fixed with a glare
    The smile faded and was replaced with a frown
    From then she knew the only way to go was down

    Her skin grew pale and drained of blood
    The loathe in her body began to multiply
    While the devil somehow found himself ill
    Only this angel had the urge to kill

    The devil grew weak, as if his strength had vanished
    This angel was taking over his power
    She raged, slashed, took fate into her own hands
    This was something that God couldn't understand

    She became a demon, another devil you could say
    Fighting to get her revenge on everyone who came her way
    Especially the man who stolen, shattered, burned her heart
    The world thought this was end, but it's only the start