• My life is on the street

    In dark places

    Where creatures lurk and creep

    Its hard to find food

    Hard to find a safe place to sleep

    I walk this place alone

    Am I doomed to forever roam?

    There is no place I call home

    No place I can say is my own

    People pass me by

    They see a pest, a burden

    In their eyes, I should just die

    I huddle in a box

    I am very hungry and sore

    The rain begins to poor

    I hear someone coming

    I feel a fear so great

    I feel like running

    "What is this I see?"

    Says a soothing voice

    "Come out now come to me."

    Are you dumb? I'll never go willingly

    She grabbed me

    Before I could flee

    She held my closely

    I hissed and spat

    "What a cute little cat."

    Yes I am a cat

    But humans look at me

    And see a mangy rat

    "Why don't you come home with me?" She said

    "I'll clean you up and get you fed."

    She wrapped me in her coat

    And began to walk

    Continuously speaking in that chattery human talk

    I stopped struggling

    Because I knew I should

    She was taking me home, and keep me she would

    Life on the street, never again will we meet.