• I am living yet I am dead
    I am smiling yet I am upset
    I am in love yet my heart seeks vengeance
    My thoughts are profound yet my feelings are meaningless

    Lord why must your child pretend
    That his heart is stitched yet it has to be mended
    My heart is crushed
    My soul is hollow
    I cannot walk the path that I followed

    This is something that I must decipher
    My emotions mocking me with laughter
    I am deprived of my will to live
    For in this world I have nothing to give
    As I draw my bloody sword
    I shall say my very last words

    The vivid crimson sky is the remnant of my lies
    As the fire burns, now i have learned
    That my soul has caused the bloodshed I have left
    As the night grows old, my hands grow cold
    For dear life I have lived is now a preposterous myth