• I have found it…

    I always knew.
    I could always feel it,
    As though a part of me was missing,
    As though I was only half of a better whole;
    As though I was empty, hollow, missing something of significance.
    I had always felt as if I was missing something…
    The something that would make me happy.
    The something that would finally allow me to feel
    Feel something
    Something other than pain.
    I always knew.
    We met by chance,
    But it was obviously meant to be.
    Ever since we first spoke
    I’ve been his,
    And him mine,
    I finally found it.
    That piece of me that was missing.
    That piece that fits into the empty spot inside of me
    That piece that fills that dark hole which ate everything else
    He fits me perfectly.
    He actually fills the space.

    …That piece I’ve been missing.