• Water down your cyanide
    Don't tell me where you plan to hide
    Conceal the details of your life
    Know what it takes
    To keep yourself away
    From the danger of our time
    Wave a flag of tyranny
    Regardless of its quality
    When the wars start don't look at me
    For conformation
    On your action
    I knew the outcome you should have seen
    I've had it up to here with you
    I can't take anymore, I'm through
    I don't care about your things to do
    About any of your fears
    None of which I want to hear
    Cause I almost half believe they're true
    No one's coming back
    So we might as well have left
    This place has such a hold on you
    You can't decide what's best
    No one's looking back
    To pull us out alive
    Don't let me walk away alone
    But I won't wait, here with you, to die
    Ease up on your heavy mind
    Don't worry little sweet sunshine
    I'll be here for you while you're mine
    Until you ever climb away
    Until you reach up, seize the day
    And then I'll know you'll be fine
    Wander into happiness
    We'll all think of you with the best
    I couldn't love you any less
    If you stay behind
    If I dare to try
    We'll both just have to die of loneliness
    I haven't put you out of thought
    To me you'll never be forgot
    I hope it wasn't all for not
    I gave you all I could
    Hell! I was all for you
    But I guess we never really fell in love.