• Confused

    Am I loosing my mind?
    Im trying things iv never done
    Im trying things of all kind.
    Im getting up in front of every one.
    Getting up on stage and speaking
    Getting the courage to lead
    Is this what im seeking?

    I just want to stand out
    and not fallow the crowd.
    Im so confused, I just want to shout.
    Am I a leader or a path follower?
    In not really shore any more
    But this path im taking is real thriller.
    Im just fallowing this path out the door?

    If I'm a leader why don't I feel like one?
    I'm lost all the time without a clue.
    I don't feel iv done what I should have done.
    I feel that im fallowing a path of two.
    Lost and stuck behind the path makers
    longing to leave and make my own path.