• After all the forks that we've gone through,
    We finally reached a dead end.
    Give Tyler my best regards,
    Because you know I'll be the first to go.
    I'm tired of our lies and the fights we had,
    I've lost one too many friends for you.
    If only I listened to my gut when I had the chance-
    None of this would have ever happened.

    [I've let too much of myself get to you for my own good.
    We've got to cut this off now cause its the best thing to do.
    I'm tired of hearing nothing but bull s**t come out of your filthy mouth.
    So lets burry this here and never dig it back up from the ground.]

    I know you might think I'm heartless,
    But ask yourself: why do I deserve this?
    For all the unneeded drama and pain and the lies we made,
    Was it really all worth it?
    So many people hurt by your desires,
    To think of how this would've turned out-
    If I never met your eyes to mine,
    Would you be any different?

    [I know I wasn't the best person to be with,
    Or the perfect man you envisioned,
    But I've seen the light behind this clouded mind,
    And how I've changed for the better.
    You see: its not about changing yourself at all,
    Its knowing weather or not to follow your conscience.
    And to be honest; I cheated on you cause I got impatient,
    And that was wrong of me to do.
    But Tyler would've never wanted us to fight,
    He would've cried himself to sleep every ******** night.
    And thanks for telling me 7 ******** months late,
    I hope you rot next to his grave.]

    Deep cuts.
    [Tears run down your cheeks.]
    Deep cuts.
    [Blood emerges from your eyes.]
    Deep cuts.
    [You choke on your blood as I watch.]
    Deep cuts.
    [The light dims, and you drift off to a silent death...]