• I live in a world,
    Cultivated from the inner workings of my mind,
    A place to hide,
    Safe away from all the hard edged reality that is the world.
    Tucked away in the far reaches of my subconcious is where I reside,
    A small corner where few and far between can reach me,
    And likewise where I can rarely leave,
    Not that I would.
    Why leave a place so safe and comforting,
    Where all your sorrows and your troubles seem to dissapate,
    And everything is stable and beautiful,
    For a world that just seems interested in watching you go through a limbo,
    Trying to dodge the rocks and glass that they viciously throw at you,
    Only apologizing once they see what effect they've had.
    Not that they're really sorry.
    Because the world is cruel,
    Billions upon billions of souls lost in the cycle of this cruelty,
    But I refuse to join.
    I'd rather hide within the recesses of my mind,
    Swallowed up by a deep cerulean sea of subconciousness,
    Than become a full fledged member of the human race.