• Hittin the club up VIP
    Got a fake mustash and a fake ID
    I look like wooly willy with a really wooly willy
    I bypass the bouncer pass an ex and I flex and bounce her wowser
    Look at all of bo's ho's lookin for a ride on bo's hose
    I spot a little Latino bootie so big call it oprah's ego
    We go do it through it she says dios Mia mi amigo
    Pull it out stick it in your mouth and I bustin the back of ya
    Swallow b***h there's people starvin in Africa

    single every single day do it every single way make the single ladies say "oh Bo"
    And if i where gay though I swear I'm strait I'd make the fellas say "oh Bo"

    Your an ice-cream sundae with a cheri on top
    Becarefull Cheri cause I'm the king of pop
    Pop pop pop goes my weasel now your looking like Jackson pollok's easel
    My suggestion is you don't blow till you know what congestion is
    Swallow when you know what digestion is
    Follow Bo the only question is have you been splattered before by the mad hatter madador
    Cake batter never more it dont matter weather your Spanish french sweetish or Cambodian
    I'll slime you so hard you could be on nickalodian


    You think that you can handle me girl dont make Me laugh
    My junk is bipolar it'll split you in half
    And if your lucky I might just bring you Home
    Ill have you goin down like you've grown an extra chromosome
    And when you grab me don't grab me by my buns cause I got a bad case of the runs