• The wind blows
    Right now, tonight
    At midnight, I softly say
    Your name, and no one else's

    I taste the chocolate I made
    Once sweet, now bitter
    And flavor-turned
    From salty tears

    A voice speaks and comforts
    Singing from my headphones
    His voice, unreal
    His warmth, untrue

    So far away
    Forgetting our past
    Years, slowly, surely
    Drifting away

    There is nothing in your world
    But you
    There is nothing in my world
    But us

    A hug
    A kiss
    A ring
    A wish

    All shattered
    In just one night
    By absence of person
    By absence of word

    A bell strikes one
    My cheeks become dry
    Emotions are gone,
    Even sorrow