• For all those words I sang
    For all I’ve done for "yang"
    It all doesn’t matter, time has done passed us by
    It makes me wonder, if I’ll see her before I die
    She tries to take me, away to the fake times from before
    Time has gone by us, but I still wait at the cold door
    Yeah… time has passed us by
    Months of silence makes me cry
    The tears of red from where my heart bleeds
    Don’t take love for granted; that no one needs
    Now I’m left beside my shadow, with my scars of war
    A war of love, not for what was said, deep into the core
    Happy times slash at my heart
    The silences tears my soul apart
    But it’s not like I didn’t try to keep you
    I tried to hold you, tried to please you
    Must not have been enough, must have been far to rough
    After the times of betrayal, my love is still far to much
    To much for you, still my heart bleeds for those times
    Shattered by scattered minds, broken by your crimes
    You always said you never had any one for you…
    But you’ve had me all along, why can’t you see?
    For all of those things, what am I to do?
    For all of the times we had, why don’t you want me?
    Not for war, but not for love, for you’re the one from above
    Yet I must have sinned for too much, my loveless love…
    So, forgive me, Father. Let my sins be gone
    For with you, it’s where I’ll always belong
    But that’s all gone, done passed us by
    So do I get to hold your hand before I die?
    Or, am I still unforgiven in your eyes?
    But it’s ok because time has passed us by
    My home felt place has done burnt down
    My heart buried in the ashes on the ground
    So will it be my hopes, that begin to fall
    Or will you try to fix this, for us all?