• Will there be a day,
    Where he will realize,
    where he would understand,
    where he could know,
    i wish he could feel what i feel,
    understand what i feel,
    know what i feel,
    i wish he would know,
    my feelings for him,
    so true,
    so caring,
    so loving,
    i wish he would look at me that way,
    he would care for me that way,
    love me that way,
    i wish he would love me,
    even if its just a slither of hope,
    just a crack,
    i wish he would realize,
    my love for him,
    so deep and true,
    i wonder,
    will there be a day,
    where he too would feel that?
    this love?
    a girl could only wish.....
    i wish.