• The significance of love many do not know
    The notion that remains a mystery
    It has often been misinterpreted
    Throughout the human history

    Although many claim to know it well
    They are blinded by wishful thinking
    For the love that they know to tell
    Is the irrational wine which they have been drinking.

    What is love you ask?
    One of the numerous among the pure
    It wears no false mask of deceit
    This you can be indubitably sure

    You mustn't hasten or search
    In due time it will draw near
    Do not approach it ahead of time
    You will bring insecurity and fear

    True love only occurs
    When compromise and trust go hand in hand
    Translucent, flaws must become
    The atmosphere will be freely, loose sand

    To all who are new to this corrupt world
    Patience is rare
    Do not seek out love at the moment
    The pain afterwards is too much to bear

    Take heed to what may be the truth
    Granted that it glimmers less than that of the moon
    But constantly keep in mind

    Love does not come soon.