• She walks on earth like air,
    her beauty that cannot be compared,
    to a summer lily,
    or a spring blossom.

    Her movements are water,
    flowing with grace and charm,
    like free tears,
    but she cannot cry,
    because tears on her cheeks are unappealing.

    Don't be misguided by her smile,
    her real smile has a hundred times more power,
    and if you are tricked by the eyes,
    then you are a simple fool.

    She dances among dry leaves,
    with her sad soul,
    and when she throws her fan in the air,
    she's asking for help,
    her hand outreached for someone to grasp,
    but no one answers,
    and all she could do is catch her heavy fan.

    Why doesnt someone help her?
    not everyone is so dense.
    Her world of beauty,
    is full of obstinate weeds.
    Her hands are blistered,
    her feet are bleeding,
    but worst of all,
    her heart is imploding.

    Nothing can be compared to her allure,
    nothing can be compared to her figure,
    nothing can be compared to her sorrow,
    nothing can be compared to her emptiness,
    nothing can be compared to her.