• VERSE 1:[/b
    ]In the middle of the trial, we find a place to laugh
    In the heart of wicked justice, we’ve forged ahead to grow
    Bumpy roads and darkened homelands don’t kill our will you know; Still we gotta go.

    When the road that stands before you, looks like it never ends
    When the fire would devour you, or so it seems my friend,
    Well the more you sing, the more you, will make that trouble bend
    Sing and let it end


    (I am glad) Glad to walk the earth
    (I am glad) That I was born an American
    (I am glad) Glad to be alive, glad that I was born

    (I am glad) Oh I am happy
    (I am glad) To be a part of destiny
    (I am glad) Glad to walk the earth, glad that I was born

    VERSE 2:

    In the absence of a home, with nowhere left to go
    We must stay and build ourselves up in this illustrious land of gold
    Happily with hearts of bliss as we work it yes we know
    Oh we’ll let it grow (oh yes)
    There’s a place inside the dreamer
    That is reaching for the stars
    If we could only fly, we’d make it up high
    We’ll make it to the sky